Turkish Prep for Foreigners

A Practical Approach from a Prep Teacher: A unique Turkish prep course online, 5 days a week 12 months total, 3 months for every level, taught by a famous language expert in Turkey, Özgür Karakaş, who has been teaching English and Turkish for 25 years at universities and courses in Istanbul, Turkey. Being a graduate of English Language and Literature with a teacher's degree, Karakaş has integrated his vast experience in English Prep class teaching and Turkish course teaching into what he calls "Turkish Prep Class Teaching" to meet even the highest expectations of Turkish learning. A must-have prep class for foreigners set on learning Turkish well with all four skills of the language. Instead of outdated lame alternatives, from A1 Starter / Elementary level to C2 Upper Intermediate / Advanced Level now you can enjoy learning Modern Turkish just for 155 dollars 3 months, V.A.T included, with Instalment payments of up to 6 months.

Turkish for Foreigners One Year Prep Programme: A Prep Teacher's Practical Approach (July 17th 2017 - September 17th 2017 Elementary Level)
Buy Now for 155 Dollars (550 TL) Başlangıç Tarihi -
    • Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    • Three months Elementary Level starting on 17th July, 2017
    • Between 15:30 - 16:30 EET (UTC/GMT+2or3)
    • 65 Hrs Total, one week off every 4 weeks
    • A Unique Turkish Prep Course On Line
    • Free Unlimited Access To Recorded Classroom Sessions During Paid Term
    • Instalment payments of up to 6 months

    • 155 dollars for 3 months of Elementary Lessons Online